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Feb 2011

Η άλλη πλευρά του Διαδικτύου...

Κυκλοφόρησε από την Western Digital σκληρός δίσκος 2.5" 750 GB στις 7200 στροφές, με 16 ΜΒ Cache, στα 3 Gb/s!

Ο σκληρός δίσκος WESTERN DIGITAL 750GB WD7500BPKT SCORPIO BLACK SATA προσφέρει υψηλή χωρητικότητα χωρίς συμβιβασμούς στην ταχύτητα.

Το προϊόν είναι διαθέσιμο από το Πλαίσιο με κωδικό 1615637, και από το E-Shop με κωδικό 303034.

Κυκλοφόρησαν τα νέα MacBook Pro!


"Pac the Man": Το κλασσικό Arcade τώρα και γιά Mac εντελώς δωρεάν!


Κορυφαίο Video Chat!

"JustNotes": Ένα εύχρηστο σημειωματάριο, το οποιό διατίθεται δωρεάν!


"Windows Phone 7 Connector": Συγχρονίστε το Windows Phone 7 τηλέφωνό σας με το Mac!


"Store News": Γιά να βρίσκετε πάντα τις καλύτερες προσφορές του App Store!


Toilet Mac Mini!

"EyeRemote": Δωρεάν βοηθητική εφαρμογή γιά τους χρήστες του EyeTV!


Ubuntu VS OS X!


I am with Ubuntu from the first release, I changed from windows because the reasons that everyone knows and I am studing computer systems for 5 years(I am on the last year of masters degree), at beginning I changed to Ubuntu(Linux) because I wanted to learn more, I wanted to really understand how SO works and have a different perspective, I really enjoyed that time because I was one of the few who could really work on Linux and I was also invited to work on my university`s Linux group, I was learning, I could solve problems and I was glad to watch the growing of Ubuntu ever 6 months, even my part-time job(Burger King) had switched from Windows to Ubuntu and also other companies. But now I agree with “Vincent Danen”, my time is starting to get very expensive(in spite of still enjoying to fix my Ubuntu`s problems).

To give you some examples:

- My university has an wireless connection(Eduroam) that I must configure every time I want to access it.

- Since Ubuntu 8.04 I have to reconfigure my wireless card to work.

- I use openoffice to make my presentations and when I open them with M.Office all characters are unaligned.

- The last time I receive a word file(an important one) and opened with openoffice the images were missing and I had to ask the sender to send me the images in a separate folder(Yes, I checked the configurations).

- When I use skype I ALWAYS have problems with the video.

- etc

Every Linux user had spent a lot of time configuring and reconfiguring something on their system to make things work(sometimes). If you do not mind to do this then It is fine, I used to think that way.

When I look back and see the time I spent resolving this issues to do something in spite of just do it, it is quite a lot.

Personally I think time is much more important than money and in the end I do not want to look back and see that I spent 1 year of my life trying to put my internet working or finding a compatible program or put one projector working with my Ubuntu or trying to accomplish the same tasks that iLife provide within the same time.

You pay Mac OS with your money.

You pay Linux with your time.

Mac OS is better because it allows you to do the same things in a fewer time. Some of you may say that apple computers are for people that do not know very much about computers because they are easy, and why should an operating system be hard? do you like to inspect your car`s engine or always repairing it? or do you prefer that it takes you wherever you want without complain?

And do not forget that Mac OS is built over the Unix (do you know that Mac OS X is certified by Unix and Linux do not?), so if you like to do things hard core you can do it anyway.

Now WWDC 2009 is about to start.

See you guys!

Πηγή: http://regebro.wordpress.com/2008/11/10/ubuntu-vs-os-x-the-deathmatch/#comment-1282

"Service Scrubber": Διαχειριστείτε το μενού "Services" εύκολα, γρήγορα και δωρεάν!


"TunesArt": Ο απαραίτητος σύντροφος του iTunes! Εξώφυλλα, στοίχοι και πολλά άλλα σε μία ευκολόχρηστη και δωρεάν εφαρμογή!


"The Space Game": Ένα πολύ προσεγμένο και εθιστικό διαδικτυακό παιχνίδι διαστημικής στρατηγικής!

Παίξε τώρα! >>>

Συγκεκριμένο Modem/Router που δίνει η OnTelecoms "δεν έχει Firewall και δεν επιτρέπει στον χρήστη να το διαχειριστεί και να το ρυθμίσει"!

Το είδαμε και αυτό!

Το Modem/Router "ΟΝΕ 100 - ONEACCESS NETWORKS" που δίνει η On Telecoms "δεν έχει Firewall και δεν επιτρέπει στον χρήστη να το διαχειριστεί και να το ρυθμίσει, αλλά ρυθμίζεται και ελέγχεται μόνο από την On Telecoms"!

Τουλάχιστον αυτό υποστηρίζει το Τμήμα Εξυπηρετήσεως Πελατών της On Telecoms, το οποίο αρνείται να δώσει εξηγήσεις αλλά και τους κωδικούς προσβάσεως του Modem/Router σε συγκεκριμένο πελάτη, του οποίου ο Server υπέστη καλόβουλη εισβολή από Hackers οι οποίοι δεν έκαναν ζημιά, αλλά εγκατέστησαν κάποιο φαινομενικώς άκακο λογισμικό P2P.

Το παράξενο είναι ότι η κατασκευάστρια εταιρεία του Modem/Router έχει ενσωματώσει Firewall στην συσκευή...

Δεν είναι σενάριο επιστημονικής φαντασίας μίας Οργουελικής πραγματικότητος τύπου "1984", αλλά τεχνολογικό "παράδοξο" στην Ελλάδα του 2011!

Even Dr. Evil uses Mac!

"Omni DiskSweeper": Ελευθερώστε πολύτιμο χώρο από τους δίσκους σας εντοπίζοντας άχρηστα μεγάλα αρχεία!


"TrashMe": Ευκολόχρηστος απεγκαταστάτης εφαρμογών, ο οποίος διατίθεται δωρεάν!


"Open-With Manager": Καθορίστε τις εφαρμογές που θα ανοίγουν τα αρχεία σας εύκολα, γρήγορα και δωρεάν!


From the "Windows Blue Screen of Death" to the "Blue Screen of Life"!

"Menu Bar Tint": Αλλάξτε το χρώμα του Menu Bar!


"Omni Dazzle": Οπλίστε τον κέρσορα με ειδικά εφέ και καταπλήξτε τους πάντες στις παρουσιάσεις σας εντελώς δωρεάν!



Πηγή: http://ec.europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/shopping/shopping-abroad/guarantees/index_en.htm

Μορφή .PDF


Two-year guarantee

Wherever you buy goods in the EU, you have two years to request repairs or replacement if they turn out to be faulty or not as advertised. If a product cannot be repaired or replaced within a reasonable time or without inconvenience, you may request a refund or price reduction.
The two-year guarantee period starts as soon as your goods are delivered, and you must inform the seller of the fault within two months of discovering it.
The seller is always liable, and in some EU countries you also have the right to request a remedy from the producer.

Sample story: Non-conformity of goods is not always immediately apparent

Mirek ordered a laptop, which appeared to work well. However, more than a year after buying it, he discovered that it had less memory than it was supposed to have. Although this problem had not been obvious to him immediately, and the laptop was still functional, it nonetheless did not conform to what was advertised when he bought it. Mirek was therefore able to obtain a refund from the shop.

Additional seller's guarantee

Shops will often offer you a guarantee, either included in the product price or at an extra cost. This does not replace the minimum two-year guarantee, which you still have.
Similarly, if a shop sells you a new product more cheaply on a 'no guarantee' basis, this only means that you don't have any additional protection. You still have two years to seek redress if the product turns out to be faulty or not as advertised.

Sample story: Your two-year guarantee cannot be shortened by a commercial guarantee

Carla bought a hairdryer with a six-month seller's guarantee. When it broke after eight months, she took it back to the shop. The shop assistant told her that her guarantee had run out, and that she was not eligible for a refund. Carla rightly pointed out that she had a full two-year guarantee under EU consumer protection law, and that the seller's six-month guarantee only offered additional protection.

Second-hand goods

In the case of second-hand goods, the buyer and seller can agree to a guarantee period of less than two years, but no shorter than one year. This should be made clear to you at the time of purchase.

"Dive Log Manager": Καταχωρήστε και οργανώστε τις καταδύσεις σας!


Κάντε το PC σας Apple μόνο με 1 Ευρώ!